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Consular Services

The Embassy of Saint Lucia in the Republic of China (Taiwan) offers the following services:

  • Passport Renewals for nationals born in Saint Lucia

  • Visa Assistance and Support

  • Certified copies of Taiwanese university diplomas and UWI/SALCC certificates, as well as other documents (as deemed appropriate)

  • Document for Driver's License conversion (Saint Lucian licenses to Taiwanese licenses ONLY)

  • Application for NIC number (Only for Saint Lucian-born nationals and nationals by descent)

  • Requests for and/or rectifications of Civil Status Documents














Frequently Requested Forms:

E-passport Application Form

E-passport Application Guide

Visa Application Form

NIC Application Form

Visa Requirements for International Travel

Letter of Authorization - Nonimpediment

Statutory Declaration of Unmarried Certificate

Please email the consular services officer at or the main office mailbox at regarding your consular requests.


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