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Government of Saint Lucia, March 16th, 2021

His Excellency Sir Emmanuel Neville Cenac, Governor-General of Saint Lucia presented this year's Throne Speech on the occasion of the Sixth Session of the Eleventh Parliament of Saint Lucia.


Madam President, Mr. Speaker, one year ago, as our country witnessed the destruction wrought by COVID19 elsewhere in the world, and began to experience its effects on our own shores, My Government articulated an agenda that was grounded in the conviction that the pandemic presented a springboard for resilience. We acknowledged even then that what had been understood to be the new normal within the context of climate change, was itself undergoing a metamorphosis so rapid as to defy prediction.

It was indisputable, that securing Saint Lucia’s future would demand our people’s every reserve of talent, innovation, and initiative; unwavering determination to overcome, and deepest sense of national loyalty. Singular in purpose, we would have to seize opportunity out of adversity and re-create normalcy from the chaos created in the wake of COVID19.

Madam President, Mr. Speaker, our frontline workers have been the bedrock of our nation’s response over the past year, selfless in their service to the community. Daily, they left their families, and endured long hours to deliver essential services during a frightening and precarious period. This is beyond bravery.

I can offer no words of value or weight commensurate with their contribution and ask, humbly, that they accept my simple ‘thank you’ on behalf of the people of this country whose very survival they secured.

Madam President, Mr. Speaker, I must also recognize those in our commercial and retail sector, who, faced with the ravages of the pandemic, kept their doors open, staff employed and salaries paid. Our manufacturers, despite losses, maintained high levels of product quality, and some, in the midst of these challenging times, penetrated new foreign markets. The banking sector introduced programmes to cushion the economic blow dealt by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

How can we not be immensely proud of our entrepreneurs, many of them young persons, who forged new businesses in the fiery furnace of 2020, and capitalized on social media marketing opportunities? How can we not salute those who sacrificed so that they could uplift the disenfranchised?

This, Madam President, Mr. Speaker, is the essence of our people - the Saint Lucian spirit in its greatest manifestation and the basis on which we can look to the future with confidence!

The full Throne Speech can be accessed below.

Governor General Throne Speech 2021 Marc
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