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Statement by Saint Lucia on Taiwan's Participation in the ICAO

Press Release by the Government of Saint Lucia - May 11th, 2020

The Government of Saint Lucia is concerned that the absence of the Republic of China (Taiwan) from certain global regulatory mechanisms and organizations can create a huge gap in international cooperation. For that reason, we remain committed to supporting Taiwan’s bid to take part in such bodies including the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The COVID-19 Pandemic has highlighted the glaring importance of the participation of the Taiwan and the fact that ICAO’s work responding to future aviation challenges will be more effective if it incorporates input from countries with such a major and strategic role in global aviation as well as valuable experience in managing pandemics like SARS and COVID 19.

As ICAO works to address emerging challenges in the management of new aircraft types, the projected doubling of global flight volumes by 2030, carbon emissions, cybersecurity, and other fields, it will be necessary to have comprehensive reference data as well as input from all stakeholders worldwide. By including all active members of the international aviation community in these efforts, we can ensure a higher quality standard-setting process that better promotes implementation of regulations on aviation safety and sustainable development.

ICAO has established five strategic goals in the areas of safety, security, air navigation, economic development, and environmental protection. We believe that these overarching goals can only be achieved when all governments and stakeholders are included in cooperation within ICAO. Therefore, we call upon ICAO to accept the participation of all active members of the international aviation community, and to ensure that all parties have access to the latest information so we can work together effectively to safeguard our shared skies.

Saint Lucia commends the G7 for supporting the participation of all active members of the international aviation community in ICAO forums. We are of the view that the safeguarding of aviation safety and security is paramount and therefore must not be compromised by excluding certain members of the international aviation community from ICAO for political reasons.

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