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Saint Lucia Receives Donations from Taiwanese Companies

Saint Lucia's Embassy in Taiwan held a ceremony on Wednesday 16th September to witness contributions made by two Taiwanese companies to the Government's COVID-19 relief efforts.

The Altamoda Cosmetics Group, with 164 stores across Taiwan, presented a cheque of NT$2.2million (approximately EC$200,000) while GFUN Industrial Corporation, an outdoor wear manufacturer, donated 100 sets of reusable personal protective equipment (PPE).

In welcoming the attendees, who included Government representatives and journalists, Edwin Laurent, Saint Lucia's Ambassador, highlighted his country's strong friendship with and support for Taiwan. He noted that Saint Lucia had been making steady economic progress prior to COVID. As the pandemic spread across the world, the Government,

seeking to protect public health, quickly put in place strict precautionary and containment measures, including the initial closing of the borders.

Its management was effective and exemplary and averted a health crisis, but the cost was high. With international tourism, the island's main income s

ource drying up, jobs and income were lost, and Government revenue plummeted. COVID has been an economic disaster, he said. he acknowledged the support for Saint Lucia in Taiwan's business community and thanked the two company heads who are stepping forward to help. They are true friends of Saint Lucia.

Altamoda's CEO, Sullivan Chen, thanked the Ambassador for organizing the event and explained that the company had matched the sums raised by its staff. He expressed the hope that the donation would help, even in a small but meaningful way, to demonstrate Taiwan's gratitude for Saint Lucia standing up for the country in various international organizations.

Jason Chen, the Chairman of GFun's parent company, Singtex, also thanked Saint Lucia for supporting Taiwan and added that as a "global citizen," he was happy to do good around the world. He expressed a desire to go to Saint Lucia to find cooperative opportunities and increase bilateral exchanges.

Arrangements are underway to send the two donations to the Government of Saint Lucia.

(Photos from Taiwan News)

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